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SMBash is a live meetup of folks who love all things SMB, Micro-PE, and ETA (entrepreneurship-through-acquisition). This could include owners, operators, investors, lenders, advisors, brokers, etc. Are you actively searching for a business to buy? Are you seeking opportunities to invest in SMB? Do you want to build relationships with others who are as excited about this space as you are? Then you should attend.

Our main goal is to foster one-on-one interactions between attendees. To that end, there is a focus on fantastic meals, happy hours, and authentic group conversations. In addition to this, daily programming consists of live presentations, discussions, podcast recordings, and Q&A.

All ticket sales are final. If you are unable to attend SMBash 100% credit will be applied toward next years event.


Please reach out to Sam, Kevin, Chandler, or David directly at any time. You can also email